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The 1855 Kellogg & Co. $50 Gold Gem Proof Commemorative Restrike

Under the authorization and sanction of the California Historical Society, a limited number of commemorative gold coins were struck with gold from the rare Kellogg & Humbert gold ingots recovered from the wreck of the SS Central America, the "Ship of Gold." Incredibly, these coins were struck with working dies transferred from John Grover Kellogg's original 1855 dies, and the gold used from 69 actual California gold rush monetary ingots also produced by Kellogg's assay office at 104 Montgomery Street in San Francisco.

In the eyes of numismatists, John Grover Kellogg is the most popular of the private coiners of Gold Rush-era San Francisco. In fact, the most valuable numismatic item in the world is a Kellogg monetary ingot that was acquired in October 2001 for over $7,500,000. Throughout history, few original coin dies have survived, and it is amazing that Kellogg's original 1855 dies of the celebrated "King of Territorials" actually did survive.

Only about a dozen of the original 1855 Kellogg $50 gold coins are known to exist today. Each is reported to be worth $200,000+ . . . if you can even find one for sale.

In pristine Gem Proof condition, the Kellogg Restrike offers unsurpassed brilliance and great aesthetic appeal. This very large and impressive coin with its connection to the most coveted gold rush coinage and having the remarkable "Ship of Gold" pedigree makes it unequaled in American numismatic history. Yet, at its release price, this commemorative gold coin is easily attainable for those who can appreciate its numismatic and historical significance.

For current prices, availability and a FREE "King of Territorial" collector/investor information kit, call 888-900-9948.

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